Victorian Wire Cut Bricks

Our new imperial Victorian wire cut bricks provide another alternative to both our reclaimed and other new imperial wire cuts. A fantastic new brick, this blends seamlessly with existing Victorian and Edwardian properties. Being a new imperial sized brick this offers the consistency of colour and size hard to find with a reclaimed brick.


Our new imperial Victorian wire cut bricks are a hard faced engineering brick, imperial in size and red in colour. They offer a consistency of size, shape and colour which can’t be guaranteed in reclaimed bricks. Typical of properties from the Victorian and Edwardian periods they are very much in view throughout the South East of England.

The imperial size of the new Victorian wire cut bricks means they can be mixed with reclaimed wire cuts or used alone to mirror existing Victorian and Edwardian properties when building an extension, garden wall or conservatory base. They are suitable for all kinds of building work, both external and internal.

They are available in any quantity, and discounts can apply to high quantity orders.  Contact us today to discuss all available options and to get a quote.

Delivery is nationwide. We aim to deliver within 48 hours from an order being placed, but please contact us should you require next day delivery and we will endeavour to meet your timescales.