Islington Multi Stock Bricks

Our new imperial sized Islington Multi Stock Bricks compliment our catalogue of new bricks and are true to the original London multi stock bricks.


Our new imperial sized Islington Multi Stock Bricks perfectly compliment our increasing catalogue of new bricks.  As with all of our new imperial bricks we have scoured the market extensively, ensuring that these are the best available and most true to the original London multi stock bricks.  Being imperial in size they can be used against period buildings to blend with the original brick work, they can also be mixed with other new imperial bricks or reclaimed bricks to create a bespoke mix true to your project.

These new imperial Islington Multi Stocks are a mixture of red, purple and orange bricks, perfect for creating the  early to mid 19th century aesthetic seen through much of the South East of England.  They are also perfect for mixing with new or reclaimed London yellow stocks to create a cost effective alternative to a standard London yellow mixed stock brick.  Alternatively they can be mixed with reclaimed handmade bricks or reclaimed multi stocks to considerably lower the overall cost of the job

As with all of our bricks these new imperial multi stocks are suitable for most building projects both internal and external work, including but not limited to, feature walls, garden walls, conservatory and green house bases, loft conversions, extensions, and bricking in unwanted windows and doors.  We are happy to work with you on your project to ensure you get the best brick for you, but we do always recommend making an appointment to view the available options at our yard prior to delivery, to ensure that expectations on both sides are properly set.

The new imperial Islington Multi Stocks are available in any quantity although discounts can apply to larger orders of 2,000 or more. Delivery is nationwide. We aim to deliver within 48 hours from an order being placed, but please contact us should you require next day delivery and we will endeavour to meet your timescales.

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