Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

All of our bricks are available in any quantity.


Do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide, we use a well established 3rd party haulier for the majority of our deliveries.  This enables us to be flexible in terms of vehicle size and offload method.


How many bricks will I need?

The typical calculation is 60 bricks per sq m, though we always advise to double check quantities with your builder.


What are the measurements for an imperial brick?

The average is 67ml by 228 by 110, however this is often dependent on the type of brick, with a few millimetres tolerance.


Am I able to view the bricks prior to delivery?

We actively encourage our customers to make an appointment to visit our yard to view the bricks prior to delivery to ensure the product meets expectations.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers only, a full VAT receipt will be issued on receipt of payment.


How are the bricks unloaded?

We have a variety of offload methods including crane, Moffat forklift, and we can hand offload smaller loads of up to 500 bricks.  Please discuss any specific requirements with us when placing an order.


What are your delivery timescales?

Typically we will deliver within 3 working days of an order being placed, but we are able to be flexible with this should circumstance dictate.