Dark Yellow Stock Bricks

Dark yellow stock bricks are heavily weathered, with a lot of them being almost black as a result of hundreds of years of city dust and soot. These are a fantastic choice for matching in against original London yellow stock properties.


London dark Yellow Stocks are a type of hand-made brick. They were used for the majority of building work in London and South East England. The growth in the use of wire cuts and other machine-made bricks in the early 20th century slowed their proliferation. Their distinctive yellow colour and soft appearance come from the yellow local clay from which the bricks were made. Yellow London Stocks are imperial in size.

London dark Yellow Stocks are used for extensions on properties where the customers want the new building to mirror the original. London Yellow Stocks are also often used for conservatory bases, internal feature walls and fireplaces.  They can also be used for filling in gaps where windows have been removed and for external garden walls.  They can also be used for new build houses, enabling the house to blend with it’s surroundings or to create a unique standout building!

There are a variety of different types of London Yellow Stocks. Some stocks are well weathered as a result of air pollution in London.  Predominantly occurring in the 19th and 20th centuries prior to air pollution curbs, this commonly caused the bricks to receive a sooty deposition over time, turning the bricks greyish or even black, hence the name dark yellow stocks. It is important to make the right selection when choosing the bricks for your project.  This ensures a seamless addition to the fabric of the building.

To create a unique look London Yellow Stocks can be mixed with other stocks to meet your requirements.  All photographs on our site are of previous projects, they are there to provide a guide when selecting your bricks. As with all reclaimed bricks they will vary from batch to batch.

All London Stocks can be purchased in any quantity. Discounts can apply to high quantity orders.

It is recommended that all bricks are viewed in person prior to purchase, please call to make an appointment to visit the yard in Taplow, Buckinghamshire.

Delivery is nationwide. We aim to deliver within 48 hours from an order being placed, but please contact us should you require next day delivery and we will endeavour to meet your timescales.