Camden Yellow Stock Bricks

These new imperial Camden yellow stock bricks are our best yet, and already a firm favourite with our regular builders. Each brick has a different yellow tone on each face allowing you turn them to get the best possible match for your property. They work fantastically against original yellow stock properties as well as being a great choice for new building projects within conservation zones.


Windsor Reclamation are proud to stock these fantastic Camden yellow stock bricks, specially designed for matching in with existing yellow stock brick work or for new projects within conservation zones.

Our Camden yellow stock bricks have a variety of yellow tones on each brick, allowing you to determine how bright or weathered you wish your project to look, dependant on which face of the brick you use.

Windsor Reclamation’s Camden yellow stocks are ideal for extensions, new builds in conservation zones, patching in, garden walls and anywhere that requires the brick to tooth in with the original brick work.

These new imperial yellow stocks can be mixed with reclaimed yellow stocks or with reclaimed mixed stocks to create the perfect match for your project.

The versatility and high quality of our Camden yellow stocks has meant that these are becoming a fast favourite of our regular customer base, seeing us supplying over 20,000 new yellow stocks a week only two months after we began stocking them!

Delivery is nationwide. We aim to deliver within 48 hours from an order being placed, but please contact us should you require next day delivery and we will endeavour to meet your timescales.